It is with unfathomable sadness that we have to let you all know that Jake passed away on 17th December 2021.

We are absolutely devastated, and extend our deepest sympathies to his family and close friends who are struggling to come to terms with such a sudden loss.

We have seen dozens of touching memorials on Facebook and other social channels. It has been incredible to see what we have always known; Jake was loved and respected by so many people. Jake bounced into the lives of everybody he met.

The story of Chu Ma Shu has always been chaotic and tumultuous and it is perhaps fitting but also tragic that the story has ended in this way. Many people have been involved with the band over the years but we have always been a group of friends above all else.

On behalf of Mike, Ash, Rich, Oz, and of course Lozz, Sam, and everybody who has been a part of our story over the years, we cannot express the depth of our sadness. There will forever be a hole in our lives.

Our hope is that whenever you hear a song that reminds you of Jake that you will recall the good times we had together and take a moment to remember the force of nature that was Jake d’Alquen.

Thank you all.