About Chu Ma Shu

Who are Chu Ma Shu?

Chu Ma Shu are everything and nothing you’ve ever heard. Originally formed in Pickering, North Yorkshire way back in 2002, the band’s recreational habits form a pillar of the culture we know as ‘rock n roll’, whilst they are both innovative and creative with their ever-evolving musical output. Marrying influences as diverse as AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Kansas and The Eagles and playing both classic covers and their own superb original material written by frontman and Jack Black lookalike Jake d’Alquen, the band has won Battle of the Bands contests in both Helmsley and York.

The band has played at a wide range of venues since its beginnings, from the smoky pubs and sweaty music bars, to private parties, weddings, beer festivals, bike rallies and mainstream festivals including Leeds Fest.

Chu Ma Shu have worked tirelessly in recent months to develop their live show to the point where super tight guitar and vocal harmonies combine with an astounding lighting and stage show that has wowed audiences in packed out venues all over the North Yorkshire and beyond.